Two cups of coffee a day will prevent hundreds of thousands of liver cancer deaths

A team of scientists from the University of Melbourne (Australia) conducted an in-depth analysis of statistics related to liver cancer and coffee consumption. The experts identified a link between the risk of getting sick and dying from malignant disease and the commitment to bitter drink. Based on the results, experts concluded that if every person drinks at least two cups of coffee every day, there would be hundreds of thousands of fewer deaths from liver cancer worldwide.

The scientists worked with the Global Burden of Disease database, which contains information on hundreds of studies conducted in more than 50 countries. For detailed analysis, the experts chose 2016.

It turned out that more than 1.24 million people died from liver cancer during this year. The experts also extracted information from the database related to the coffee intake. The analysis, carried out using specially developed algorithms, helped to compare data on liver cancer incidence and mortality from liver cancer with the amount of coffee consumed. 

It turned out that two or three cups of coffee per day can reduce the risk of disease by 38% and the risk of liver cancer death by 46%. When a person consumes four or more cups per day, the risk of illness is reduced by 41% and the risk of death by 71%. 

The computer algorithm not only analyzed the already available statistics but also made a forecast: how would the situation with morbidity and mortality from liver cancer in 2016 change if all people who do not drink coffee, would start drinking it?

It turned out that if every person on earth drank at least two cups of coffee daily, in 2016, almost 453 thousand fewer people would die from liver cancer. The consumption of four cups of coffee a day would have helped to save the lives of more than 723 thousand people. 

Aug. 25, 2020, 9:57 a.m.

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