New algorithm predicts the risk of death according to the results of ECG

The USA-based medical company Geisinger has created an algorithm that predicts a patient's risk of death based on an ECG better than doctors. The AI was even able to accurately calculate the probability of death in people who cardiologists thought were healthy. It is reported by Popular Mechanics.

Machine learning algorithms have proven themselves in the diagnosis of many diseases. Calculations of some of them may seem frightening at first glance, but they are still very useful. Among these is an AI that calculates a patient's risk of death based on an electrocardiogram.

To analyze the ECG results, the algorithm uses the same data as cardiologists but does it more carefully.

Testing showed that the program correctly predicts the risk of death over the next year in 85% of cases. For comparison, the accuracy of the prognosis of doctors is 60-80%.

What was unexpected was that the AI accurately identified at risk those people whose ECG was considered normal from the point of view of cardiologists. The developers do not yet know on what grounds the program made this decision.

As the authors note, such a neural network can help doctors better identify the most vulnerable patients with heart disease.

Nov. 13, 2019, 10:58 a.m.

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