Subliminal cues increase endurance

A new study from Bangor University (UK) has shown that motivational subconscious cues can increase endurance during physical training.

Subconscious or subconscious cues are any signals (words, symbols, sounds, images) that influence the unconscious sphere of a person and are almost impossible to detect consciously.

In a study of endurance athletes, a team of scientists led by Professor Samuel Markor found that those athletes who received visual sub-sensory messages of an uplifting nature, such as happy faces, the words "energy" or "forward" and others, could train longer and more effectively than those who received messages that were contrary in meaning.

Images and words were shown using a digital screen placed in front of the athlete during training. The presentation time of the signals did not exceed 20 ms. Each visual signal was additionally masked by other images. Therefore, none of the signals could be seen by the athletes. Nevertheless, even those of the participants who did not feel physically ready for prolonged exercise at the beginning felt an increase in energy potential as soon as they started exercising.

The results demonstrated that subconscious processes can have a significant impact on performance during exercise. This discovery could form the basis of new technologies in the near future to make training for sport competitions more effective and to increase the motivation of people who participate in sports for general health improvement.

Jan. 13, 2021, 12:15 p.m.

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