Reducing temperature is another factor that increases life expectancy

Specialists from the Scripps Research Institute in California (USA) found that the health effects of low-calorie diets are associated with metabolic processes that cause lower body temperatures. Perhaps this discovery will help to create a cure that will allow you to lose weight without having to go through exhaustion. An article about it has been published in the journal Science Signaling.

Caloric restriction in animals and humans is known to have positive effects on health and life expectancy. Scientists have noticed that if mammals start eating less, their body temperature drops, which allows them to save energy. There are also studies that confirm that a drop in temperature itself affects longevity. In a new experiment, experts have decided to evaluate the independent influence of these two factors.

They selected two groups of mice that were placed in cells with different temperatures: the first group had 22 degrees Celsius (normal room temperature), the second group had 30 degrees (at this temperature, the mouse body is in thermal balance with the environment, and the mechanisms of body thermoregulation are inactive). 

Then they were divided into subgroups: one began to gradually reduce the amount of food per day, while others were fed as usual. During this time, scientists tracked changes in metabolites in the blood and brain of animals, depending on the diet or body temperature.

The data, the study's authors say, showed that when calories are limited, temperature has the same or even more significant effect on metabolism as the amount of nutrients.

The analysis identified specific metabolites that were responsible for changing body temperature. For example, the hypothalamus of mice kept at room temperature produced large amounts of nitrogen oxide molecules and neuropeptide leucine encephaline.

Scientists separately injected these metabolites into mice and saw that the healing effect from caloric restriction was increasing. According to the researchers, this may help in the future to create drugs that would help to lose weight without exhausting diets and starvation.

Sept. 10, 2020, 10:50 a.m.

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