Plant-based diets halve the risk of Alzheimer's and the likelihood of death from heart disease

A diet rich in vegetables can prevent or slow down the development of many age-related diseases, a conclusion reached by experts from the Committee of Physicians for Responsible Medicine (USA). Specialists have analyzed a large number of scientific papers containing data on clinical and epidemiological studies. 

It turned out that the abundance of fruits, vegetables, cereals, and pulses in the diet reduces the risk of development

  • obesity and type 2 diabetes by 50%,

  • ischemic heart disease, 40%,

  • cerebral vascular disease by 29%,

  • Alzheimer's and cognitive impairment of various origins by 50%.

The researchers also note that the abundance of vegetables s is associated with increased longevity: this is confirmed by the fact that in regions (the so-called "blue zones") where the plant-based diet is dominated, people live longer than in areas with a different diet. 

Experts estimate that in 30’s the number of people over 60 will reach two billion, which will significantly increase the burden on the global health system. That is why early diet correction plays an important role in maintaining health. 

- Addressing lifestyle risk factors, including a healthy diet, is a powerful tool that helps delay the aging process, slow the development of age-related diseases, reduce the risk of premature death and increase life expectancy," the authors report. 

July 17, 2020, 10:50 a.m.

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