Scientists have identified the benefits of olive oil in dementia

Olive oil can protect the brain from the accumulation of toxic Tau proteins and improve the cognitive function of older people suffering from Alzheimer's disease — this is the conclusion of a group of researchers from the United States and Italy. The findings are published in the Aging Cell journal.

Previous experiments conducted on laboratory animals have confirmed the beneficial functions of olive oil in dementia, in particular, that it can protect against age-related memory loss and restore the ability to learn.

In a new study, scientists have demonstrated that olive oil can also protect the brain from taupathy — the excessive accumulation of abnormal Tau protein that leads to dementia.

Laboratory mice with a genetic predisposition to Alzheimer's disease from a young age, corresponding to 30-40 human years, were having food with the addition of olive oil. After six months, when their age corresponded to the human 60 years, they had a significant decrease in the formation of Tau protein accumulation in the brain compared to relatives who did not receive this product with the food. Also, the mice in the oil-treated group performed better on memory and learning tests.

A study of the brain tissues of mice showed that olive oil increased levels of the protein complexin-1, which maintained normal synaptic connections of neurons. 

While scientists do not understand all the mechanisms of this effect, they intend to continue studying the properties of this superfood to identify the maximum benefit to human health.


Dec. 3, 2019, 11:16 a.m.

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