Scientists have found out what kind of living environment it takes to reach the centenarian age

What helps people to live for 100 years? There is no doubt that genetics play a crucial role, but it’s not the only one thing which determine whether a person will become a long-liver or not. Researchers at the University of Washington State (USA) claim that the environment plays an equally important role. They found that people who live in a crowded city with good socio-economic conditions and age diversity are more likely to reach 100 years of age. The article was published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health.

Previous studies have shown that hereditary factors explain only 20-35% of the chances to live to 100 years old. The way of life that one leads matters either: what one eats, how much one exercises, whether one is dependent on certain bad habits. Another factor that also affects life expectancy is habitat and social environment. American scientists decided to find out what kind of living environment should be for a person who wants to live to a hundred years.

To do so, they analyzed the death toll of nearly 145,000 Washington State residents aged 75 years and over. These data also included information on residence, gender, race, education level, and marital status. 

The researchers studied the poverty rate, access to medical care, percentage of the working-age population, air pollution, green areas, etc. They wanted to determine which factors were less likely to die before the age of 100.

Thus, they found that crowded areas with high socioeconomic status and age diversity positively correlated with a person's attainment of one hundred years. And it concerned both large central cities and small regional ones. According to the authors, such places provide good access to health care, grocery stores, physical activity and promote greater communication.

June 18, 2020, 2:50 p.m.

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